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When “Dr.No” first hit the screens in 1962, it paved the way for one of the most successful movie franchises of all time. The timeless allure of “007” still enchants cinema goers, young and old alike.

Bond themes have inarguably ingrained themselves into the public consciousness. Classics like “Goldfinger” and “Diamonds are forever” remain huge hits and crowd pleasers around the globe.

Over the years, start who have had the honour to compose and preform the prestigious Bond theme have enjoyed great success and received critical acclaim. The exclusive group includes megastars such as Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Louis Armstrong, Paul McCartney, Madonna and most recently Adele who won an Oscar for “Skyfall”. One thing is undeniable: the franchise crates a never ending stream of hits.

In the same way that moviemakers were looking to come up with heroes in the mould of Bond, film music composers and songwriters have been inspired by the “007 franchise” to come up with melodies that were tailor made for their own screen heroes and heroines. There is hardly a movie hero around today who doesn’t have their own song or melody which everyone recognizes when they appear on screen.

Germany’s writer Number 1 Big Band Entertainer is honouring “the great film songs of our time” with his incredible new show, “Licence to Swing”. He will take you on a musical journey of legendary stars of the silver screen, in addition to preforming the suave melodies of everybody’s favorite secret agent.

Gaebel, Tom Gaebel embodies this role of the charming crooner perfectly: Decked out in a classic black tuxedo (of course) your ears will be in for treat as he and his orchestra play the music that secret agents sip their martinis to.

Take on charismatic frontman and mix with a talented orchestra. Add that unmistakable big band sound and a dash of smooth melodies and pour over a repertoire of classic tunes. Shake together with that certain beat and you’ll have a cocktail that will set the most hardened “00 agent’s” heart racing.

“I’ve loved film music since I was a teenager. I would play my vinyl record of the Bond-hits over and over again!” exclaims Gabel, a self proclaimed expert on everything to do with the swinging 60s.

“When you hear these songs you can’t help but smile- everyone loves these songs and this sound but unfortunately you never get to experience it live!”, days Gaebel, who released a 007 inspired song and music video called “The Cat” on 2014.

“Dr Swing”, as he is known for his fans, has always had iconic film songs in his repertoire which he performs at his concerts. Gabel has released 7 albums which include original material as well as his own interpretation of “Ol’Blue Eyes” classics – earning him the title the German Sinatra.

Tom Gaebel is proud to present: “Licence to Swing”, a musical evening filled with the songs and melodies of your favorite screen legends. Gaebel, with the support of his 12 piece Orchestra, performs your favorite songs from movie classics such as “Star Wars”, “Rocky” and “Mission Impossible”. With a wide range of newly arranged songs Gaebel is in his element when performing his unmistakable versions of these iconic tunes associated with his heroes of the silver screen. 

So if you love movie melodies as much as we do, won’t you join us for a stroll down memory lane, taking in classic songs from “The Godfather” to “Ghostbusters” to “Bond” and back again. Movie lovers can’t afford to miss this incomparable event!

Since showcasing his unmistakable and unforgettable voice in his 2005 Debut, “Introducing: Myself” Tom Gaebel has firmly established himself in the German and international music scene. No other artist in Germany combines powerful and punchy Big Band Tunes with the lyrical flow of “easy listening” melodies.

Tom Gaebel captivates both Germany and international audiences when he goes on tour with his 12 piece Big Band Orchestra. Dr Swing, as his fans like to call him, has also been a regular featured guest for several years on various German TV Shows such as: TV total, Zimmer frei!, Die Ultimative Chartshow and Wilkommen bei Carmen Nebel.